Umbrella Magnolia

(Magnolia tripetala)

Umbrella magnolia
  • Umbrella magnolia is a medium sized tree with large flowers and large leaves best reserved for the botanical garden, large garden and public park. The oversized flowers and leaves make it an attention getter.  It’s features are best appreciated from a distance.

Ornamental features:

  • Medium sized tree with open course habit.
  • Creamy white flowers 6 to 10“ across in May-June.
  • Mature fruit is a eye catching bright pink color.  Seeds like all magnolias are covered with a bright orange seed coat.
  • Large  leaves up to 2 ft long in whorled clusters at the end of the branches unfolding like an umbrella

Horticulture profile:

  • Zone 5 to 8
  • Grows 15 to 30 ft Tall and 15 to 20 ft wide.
  • Grow in average to moist deep rich soils.
  • Grows naturally in the understory of rich woodlands
  • Full sun to full shade. Best planted in protected sites.
  • Native to northern PA south to Georgia