Roundleaf Dogwood

(Cornus rugosa)

roundleaf dogwood
  • An important shrub for naturalizing in the woodland understory. Best used in naturalized plantings but can find a suitable home in the shrub border or in the woodland garden. Very adaptable to site and soils.

Ornamental features:

  • White flower racemes in spring; Creamy blue fruits in fall.
  • Large round leaves with pronounced veination.
  • Green to pinkish/purple color on young stems.
  • Fall color is a respectable maroon to deep red.

Wildlife value:

  • Fruit are eaten by many birds and small mammals.
  • Grows naturally on dry rocky slopes and in the woodland understory. Often found growing on calcareous soils and from limestone bedrock.
  • Provides important cover and nesting structure for birds.

Horticulture profile:

  • ZoneĀ  3 to 7
  • Grows 6 to 12ft Tall with equal or greater spread.
  • Medium growth rate.
  • Tolerant of poor soils and drought. Acid to alkaline soils.
  • Grows in full sun, light shade to medium shade.
  • Native from Ontario & Quebec south in mountains to Virginia.