Silky Dogwood

(Cornus amomum)

Silky dogwood

A fast growing, hardy native shrub. Very important to wildlife.  Use for massing, in the shrub border for screening.  Very useful for naturalizing and wildlife habitat restoration. Plant near ponds ditches, streams and wetlands.

Ornamental features:

  • Creamy white flowers borne in 2" wide cymes.
  • Clusters of bluish fruits in late August
  • Reddish stems add color in winter

Wildlife value:

  • Abundant fruit are important for migrating song birds.
  • Foliage and dense stems provide critical cover

Horticulture profile:

  • Zone 4 to 8
  • Multi-stemmed shrub grows 6 to 8ft Tall  x 6 to 9ft Wide.
  • Adaptable to varied soil conditions and partial shade.
  • Tolerant of dry to wet poorly drained soils & heavy clay.
  • Full rounded outline
  • Native from Maine & Quebec south to Georgia